Embedding Enhanced Garageband Podcasts


It’s taken a few days of experimenting and playing around and ALMOST getting it right to consult the wonderful twitterverse and be sent this link from dswaters – Music Is Not For Insects for embedding enhanced garageband podcasts into edublogs.

I was so close! My final attempt was changing the file extension to .mp4 but as I learnt above it should be changed to .m4v in order to upload to edublogs.

So in a quick nutshell…

Save your garageband to disk (to your desktop) as an aac file.

Once it’s on the desktop change the file extension by clicking on the name twice slowly – change it from .mp4 to .m4v

Go to edublogs editor and write your post in edublogs – go to the upload section, select your video, click upload then click send to editor.

It will come up looking like a link while you are editing:

Movie Link

But once you click publish it will turn into this (Press the play once):

Trial Enhanced Podcast

Thanks to Allanah, Dswaters, Room 13 2007 and the wonderful twitterverse for helping with this one! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Embedding Enhanced Garageband Podcasts

  1. Hey MissSignal,

    Thanks so much for this blog post. It is really helpful having the directions spelt out so clearly. Definitely keeping this blog in my bookmarks!

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